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Introducing duxBak RouterOS configuration management solution

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The DuxBak router configuration version change management solution offers configuration backup and change history for the ultimate configuration security solution.

Possibly best of all, DuxBak is completely FREE of charge for entry level support!

Join the beta program to help us develop and test the solution, and get started now!


How it Works

DuxBak solution acts as a remote oAuth application to GitHub - the popular online software version control repository platform. GitHub offers unlimited private repository with the basic free service account type. For this reason, access to the DuxBak administration application utilises GitHub authentication - that is log on to the DuxBak administration application using your GitHub credentials!

  1. Router administrator creates free account on GitHub and creates duxBak repository
  2. Router administrator logs on to DuxBak to provision router/s to manage
  3. Router administrator configures router for secure access by DuxBak
  4. DuxBak pulls router configuration at regular (user defined) intervals
  5. DuxBak populates configuration changes to GitHub repository


Key Benefits

  • Keep up-to-date backups of your router configurations for security in case of hardware failure or configuration corruption.
  • Complete configuration change log - if something goes wrong, review history to determine what was changed and when.
  • (coming soon) Configuration distribution system - change one router, push changes to many others.
  • (coming soon) Optional active/passive modes - passive mode: DuxBak pulls config from router, active mode: Router posts configuration to DuxBak, push changes to many others.
  • Take Control: Manage all of your router configurations in one centralised soltuion!


Beta Program Available Now!

Help us develop and test the DuxBak solution and get perpetual backup access for one router!
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Introducing DuxBak router configuration management solution.


Made for MikroTik
DuxBak configuration management solution is Made for Mikrotik!